Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Learning Feedback

Learning Feedback Diary


To orient us to their own rules and regulation and as well as the history

To appreciates some diseases that are not common in provinces
To encounter the unique attitudes of people and to enhance our ability to adjust and have a therapeutic relationship with them
To educate patients about the epidemic disease for them to be awsare and learn how to prevent and manage the disease through Ward Class

To have an opportunity to apply our knowledge, skills and attitudes in giving service to different individuals with their different communicable diseases and as well as to acquire more learning from such diseases


Of course, we acquired some ideas from the 4th student who had affiliation in San Lazaro Hospital to prepare myself. I felt nervous because ma’am Perez will guide us in the area and it was my first time to work with her in clinical area. But as we go on our duties, the nervous subsided into a relaxing feeling. I am glad that I saw the beauty of San Lazaro Church. It was a great opportunity for me to sight and hear the story about the place. I am also proud that we showed to everyone how effective nursing we are.

Group mate:
I knew half of them because they became my group mates before and the rest are new to me. I met different personalities. They were all good and cooperative. I saw a little nervous but at the end they were just enjoying their moment in San Lazaro Hospital. They proved that they can show their talent and abilities to serve what they had learned.

Clinical instructor:
Our Clinical instructor was Mrs. Nhelia B. Perez. She guided us in our duties. She removed away our nervous towards the hospital by making as laughing throughout the duties. She was also our walking NANDA book. She discouraged us to use it for us to be smart and talented in making our SOPIE. My C.I is very strict regarding the charting but she has purpose. She and Mrs. Luisa Y. Valencia made an activity that will help us to be familiar on different diseases.

I’ve learned the history of San Lazaro Hospital which is one of the oldest and excellent hospitals. It symbolizes the real hospital where sick people have a good recovery. From what happened to my group mate, it emphasized the importance of the 5 rights in administering a drug to the patient. My C.I is very strict regarding the charting but from that regimen we’ve learned to be more careful and have focus on what we are doing.
We are all mastered in caring a patient with diagnosis of dengue because this is the most common disease in SLH. We had experienced to have a duty to the patients who have tuberculosis. Although it was very scary for us, we’ve overcome it. We use to do all the universal precaution such as wearing a mask, have an alcohol, take high dose of Vitamin C and hand washing.
We had also our pre and post conference where everyone will has to report their respective topics and case abstract that we have to past every other day, from that we have been familiarized in many communicable diseases.